Dragon Eggs

Forge a one-of-a-kind work of Textured Sculpture that you keep using only clay, painted thumb tacks, and your Imagination!


Oh My Ojo de Dios

Experience of the Joy of Weaving as you learn to recreate this ancient Pueblo craft using your favorite colors!



Create a beautiful Tribal Mask in the timeless Aboriginal Dot Style using a variety of colorful vinyl stickers. Great for All Ages!


Art Jam 3D

Turn ordinary into extraordinary! Level up your direction following and line art skills to create an amazing star from paper bags!


Tangle Painting

Level up your focus, line art, painting and direction following skills while creating mesmerizing Graphic Designs!


Art Jam

Put the FUN in Art Fundamentals by drawing a series of designs called “Tangles”. Combine them together and you’ve got an Art Jam!


U 2 Can Cartoon

Can’t draw? No problem! Learn an easy process for drawing your own original cartoon characters that Works Every Time!

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